Saturday, November 10, 2012

Magnificent Autumn

I totally Love Autumn
We have only 1 kit left in the store.
I totally love the colors in these papers.  Fall is so much fun!



November is my favorite month for several reasons.  First it is my birthday month but more than that it is a month to reflect on the past year and shout out a big THANK YOU for all the amazing things and people you have in your life.   I'm so thankful for my family ~ I don't know what I would do without Kevin, I know I would be one lost soul.  Many people say it is hard to find a soul mate, I guess I'm just super lucky because he is my true soul mate.  Mikayla is my bestie!  She is more than a daughter to me, she keeps me on my toes and makes me think outside the box.  For that I will be ever grateful!  Brad is my love bug!  He would kill me if he knew I was putting this out there for everyone to read, but truth be known if I'm down for any reason Brad is right there holding my hand and giving me hugs.  I'm also so very thankful for my scrapbooking family.  I can't say enough wonderful things about the ladies that come together at the store to make sure our little business stays a float.  Without each and everyone of them I would not be able to keep the store open ~ Thank You Ladies.
Now tell me what you are thankful / grateful for ~ Make sure you check out the store for details on joining our November contest.
~ Shannen ~

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