Sunday, November 4, 2012

Amazing Gift Idea Under $3.00

I'm totally in love with this little gift idea. 
Not only is it inexpensive but it also baffles those you are giving it to.
You will need:  1 sheet heavy weight pattern paper, 1 Hersey candy bar (regular size),
2 feet of ribbon, 1" circle punch and your favorite adhesive.

Cut your pattern paper into a 6x6 square.
Score on the right side at 1/2" & 3/4" lines.
Score on the left side at 2 1/2" & 2 3/4".
This will allow your 6x6 square to fold around the candy bar.
Run your adhesive along the 1/2" side and adhere it to the 2 1/2" side forming a box.
Make sure you have the pretty side out.

Punch a 1" circle through both sides of the newly formed box.

Wrap your ribbon around the candy bar, long way, as shown above.

Drop your candy bar with ribbon into the box with excess ribbon out the top, by the circles.

Pull your ribbon through the circles on both sides, as shown above.

Tie a knot or bow on the top and your candy bar will magically slide in and out of your paper box.
This project reminds me of a Pez dispenser ... I just love it.
What a great stocking stuff, Secret Santa gift, shower / birthday party favor!!!!
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