Well, what can I say about myself? I was born...just joking! I haven't been scrap booking for as long as the other gals on the Design Team. And since it's only been about 4 years, my style is still evolving...or maybe it has finished evolving and it's just eclectic. Really, why choose just one style? Do I have to choose ONE? Some days I put tons of pictures on one page (ten is the most I've put on one page)...other times, not so many pictures, but loads of embellishments (fibers, brads, buttons, stickers, inks, multiple papers)...and then there's the simple pages with one pictures, a few words of journaling and that's it. My favorite subject? What else would a stereo-typical grammy's favorite subject be...her little man. He's too cute and too funny - just ask me, I'll tell you! Or better yet, just check out my pages!