Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Why I LOVE to Craft / Scrapbook....
I totally love the individuality and creativity you can achieve with each and every design.
The most amazing thing about getting together to Craft / Scrapbook is spending time with my amazing scrapbooking friends.  It is so nice to share ideas and just have fun, a kind of fun you don't have just any place.  Scrapbooking with the girls is a bonding experience I can't even begin to describe but those of you have a special group of girls you know what I'm talking about.
I personally don't know what I would do without my scrapbooking girlie's.  They are the most amazing bunch of ladies, and the best part is my daughter is part of the crew.  I would love for any one out their reading this to join us for one of our spectacular scrapbooking events.  We have 2 coming up really soon:  September 22nd (12 hour crop/ 10a-10p) and October 26-28th (Fall Retreat).
Now for the good stuff....  Sharing New Ideas! 
Start with your average paper stencil, spell any name or word.

Embellish each stencil and add additional pages as desired.

Hook together to make a mini album.
Have a Scrappy Good Time!

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