Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Karma & Life

Do you ever find your life taking twists and unexpected turns?  Seems like this is always happening to us!  Then when I talk to my crafty gals during a class or a crop I find out my bumpy road is no different than their bumpy road.  We each have different rough spots and pot holes but in the end each is a challenge.
We recently hit a pot hole here at LJS … and what a pot hole it was!  It took me some time to think it through before I even thought about sharing it, but I think I’m ready to let it go and move on.  What do you do when people you trust and not a little trust … I mean you trust them with your livelihood… takes advantage of their situation to benefit themselves?    This has been very perplexing to me for several months because I just could not believe what I was hearing.  In the end the only answer I could come up with was GREED!   Our former employee was clearly experiencing poor moral judgment due to her greed. 
How can you move on?  ONE WORD ~ KARMA  A very dear friend of mine who continues to listen to my bumps and pot hole stories keeps telling me – even thought this situation is extremely hard to fathom someone would do such a thing, Karma will bit her in the butt.  She is right!!!  When you do wrong it does seem like Karma will come back and smack you strong.
Karma – Karma – Karma
Speaking of Karma!

We recently took a family trip, day outing to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO.

The horrible, destructive things that have happened to these poor Lions, Tigers & Bears is so hard to even imagine.  Each of the 300 animals on this 720 acre sanctuary came from a terrible situation and were removed from their living conditions by authorities.  The whole time we were there I kept thinking what on earth were these people even thinking doing such things to these animals.
Well I certainly hope karma has taken care of the people who damaged these animals.
So here are some pics of our outing.

Now how could anyone be mean to these super cute animals?
Thanx for listening

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