Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back To School

WOW   Where did the summer go?  I really love to see summer come but I have to admit I love school starting even more.  This means one thing for our house, ‘Things get back to order’!  All summer long we race around between baseball practice & games, FFA, 4H, fair preparation … our house looks like a war zone for 3 months.
This school year our family experienced big changes.  Brad started Jr. High!  It is so hard to believe he is old enough for Jr. High.  The first week of school brought many challenges with learning how to change classes and locker drama!  On day 2 of Jr. High ~ Brad hopped in the van after school with a big smile on his face and said “Mom, I made a huge accomplishment today!”  I said “Really Buddy, what was that?”
He responded with “I opened my locker on the 1st try every time I tried to open it today!”   That really is an accomplishment …….
My babies are both growing up!!!    Mikayla started her Sophomore year of High School and with that came the educational experience of Kevin & I teaching her to DRIVE.    Kevin is better at this role than I am.  He seems to be more patient, imagine that!  
Thought I would share a pic we recently had done of the kids. 
A big thanx to Lacey Dippold ~ she does amazing work.
Mikayla {15} ~ Brad {12}
Enough blah blah from about us ~ Let me share with you an amazing program we offer here at LJS.
If you can't make a scheduled class that we are offering contact us about getting a kit.  Kit prices will run the same or a few dollars cheaper depending on the class.  You can call us anytime and ask us to build you a kit, you see available page/card kits on our web site.  For instance, we just did the pages below in our School Pages Class.  If you wish you could have attended and would still like these pages let us know.  We can have them done in a day or two ~ easy as that!

Happy back to school !!!
Anyone can be cool ~ it takes practice to be AWESOME

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