Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall News

I just love when people are completely honest with me!  I’m being serious about this ~ all joking aside.  I was having a serious life conversation with a very dear friend and she stopped me in my tracks.  She said “I was just wondering, why you and Kevin stopped sharing tidbits about your personal lives with those of us in your scrapbooking world?”   I was completely taken back and in a bit of shock.  I have always thought of Kevin and I as open people … what was she saying to me?

I responded with “What do you mean?”  She said “You and Kevin both used to write articles for the store newsletter and I miss reading those antics you wrote about.”  I soon learned much to my surprise, my scrapbooking friends missed hearing about our crazy mishaps and nutty life.

Why did Kevin & I stop sharing our personal ‘drama’?  Well as I reflected on what she was telling me I realized a few things about myself.  First ~ I thought NO ONE was reading it and I was wasting my time.  I soon realized sharing is how people can connect to each other.  And, expressing our highs & lows in the newsletter did that for our readers.  Second ~ I realized I really missed sharing those things, crazy as that sounds.  It was a really nice release for me.  I make this promise to all our readers, Kevin & I will go back to entertaining those who want to read it!  Since our newsletter format has changed the next best place for me to share is the blog, so tune in weekly and we will start connecting again.  And, since I didn’t say it earlier, I’m sincerely sorry.

What is NEW? 

The Fall Schedule is out and we have tons of amazing new things happening at the store.  Let me recap some of the things I’m most excited about…
1)  Mixed Media ~  I just love what you can do with Mixed Media! 
We have come up with a series of 5 Mixed Media classes.  We added classes for beginners and we found some projects that we can offer at a reduced price.  If you have always wanted to play with or learn more about Mixed Media then join us for one of our super fun classes.
2) Artist Corner
We all put our heads together to come up with a way to help all of our local crafters and we came up with the Artist Corner ... There are 5 local crafters / artists who are providing their art to sell at the store.  If you haven't been in for a while you are missing out on some amazing items.  Make sure you stop in and start your Christmas gift shopping at the Artist Corner.

3) Kard Kounter
Have I shared with you the amazing staff I have at LJS?  One of our staff came to me with this idea and I just fell in love with it!  So we started a Kard Kounter to help our customers in a pinch.  Create your own themed / colored card for $1.00 at our new Kard Kounter.  What a deal a handmade card for $1.00 ~ you can't beat that deal.  This will not take the place of any card classes we offer, so continue to watch the class schedule for specific themed cards.  The Kard Kounter is open during regular business hours, so no need to schedule time for your next card building adventure.

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