Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nailed IT!

 I'm so in love with this project ~ I saw this done a couple of different ways several months ago and could not wait for the perfect time to create my own distressed 4th of July Fire Crackers.

List of supplies ~ Lumber; brown, red, white, blue craft paints; paint brushes/sponges; sand paper / block; wire and jute/raffia.

 You will need scrap lumber ~ 2x2 square.  I off set the length of each piece to give it interest; lumber can be cut to your desired size at most lumber yards for free.
Use brown craft paint on the edges.  Once the brown is dry, apply Vaseline to the edge.  Paint each piece your desired colors.  I did 2 different color schemes - one is bright and one more rustic.  I ended up applying 2 coats to each.

 Then Sand like crazy.  I roughed up all the edges and some in the middle to give the weathered look. 
Next drill a hole in the top, curl up some wire to give the wick appearance.  I glued my wire into the holes so there was no chance of it coming out. 
Use jute or raffia to hold them together and WALLA you have super cute 4th decos for your home or office.

 These are my final products.  Others put words on their finished product... I like mine plain.
If you would like to see them up close and personal they are on display in our front window.
I'm pretty sure we totally nailed this one!

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