Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nailed IT!

 Pinterest Project can end up good!  I believe we totally NAILED this project.   We read on Pinterest you can make fancy flowers and ribbon using register tape and a border punch.  During this process we did learn a couple tricks to help a girl out.  Here is what we did...

Here is what you will need:  register tape, card stock scraps in the length you need, border punch, adhesive, stamps & ink.

 We tried to punch the register tape without using a backing ... let me just tell you that DID NOT work.  The punch tore the register tape all up.  We then tried backing the register tape with scrap card stock and away we went ... it worked like a gem!   One NOTE:  do not put the adhesive along the edge it will destroy your punch when you get adhesive stuck in it.
Cut your card stock to the width and the length of the register tape.
 Once you get the register tape and card stock ready ... just punch the length of the register tape.  For a fun ribbon look you can also punch both sides to be decorative.
 Once you get it all punched, stamp the tape with any pattern you desire.   The register tape will fold and bend much easier than any card stock ribbon strips.  We have made flowers and fancy folding borders.  This is really fun, really cheap and looks amazing.  Stop in the store and check out the sample.

 Let us know what you think ... Did we NAIL IT?

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