Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tip of the Week....

Ever wonder how you can make your own Rub-Ons with an image you have on your computer ...
Here is the recipe for Home Made Rub-Ons......

1. Create your image. Design your Home Made Rub-On on your computer in any word processing program.
2. Print on the shiny side of a transparency sheet. Insert the transparency into your printer so that the ink will be deposited on the shiny side. (If you’re using a glossy page protector, either side will work).
3. Change your print set up to a mirror image.
4. Print the document on “best” quality. This will deposit a thicker amount of ink so that you can transfer it to a piece of paper.
5. Let it dry. Let the ink dry onto the transparency for at least ten minutes. Do not touch the ink -- it will smear.
6. Once the ink has dried, place the title or embellishment over the piece of paper with the printed side touching the paper.
7. Press firmly onto the transparency and use the end of a popsicle stick to rub over all of the text. This transfers the ink to the piece of paper.
8. Stand back and admire your home-custom-made rub-on design!

Hope you enjoy the tip ... don't forget to let us know how it goes!!!!

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Cindy (aka PaintChip) said...

I've used this technique several times and they are great. I've never had any rub back off either!

Extra tip here is that these instructions are for ink-jet printers only... not laser printers.

Also - you can re-use the same transparency sheet over and over again. If you have indentations in the plastic from your previous transfers you'll sometimes get more of a vintage or distressed look on the next transfers.