Thursday, November 11, 2010

HeRe is ChRiS.....

I am excited to once again be part of the design team, after taking some time off to have the cutest little baby boy! I have been scrapbooking for about fifteen years now. I'm not sure what I enjoy more; having girl time, shopping for supplies, or the actual scrapbooking! I enjoy combining my love of photography with my love of colors and texture. When looking at my pages, you will see the use of new and fun products combined with design principles.

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Cindy (aka PaintChip) said...

Very nice to meet you ChRiS. You're right - it's hard to choose exactly what it is about scrapbooking that's most enjoyable. I think it's the combination of all the things you mentioned. And at my house scrapbooking also means "me time", which is another favorite of mine.

Looking forward to designing along side of you!

~ Cindy