Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nailed IT!

As you know we have been on a Pinterest Quest since the beginning of the year.  With each project we attempt, there are a serious of OMG moments where we find ourselves saying "It would look so much better if we had...." of "This would have been a lot easier if we...."

We are so excited to bring you our new series of BLOGS "Nailed IT!".   We will show you what we used and what it looked like after we followed the Pinterest post and what changes we made to make this work to get a completed project.

Nailed IT!  ~ Mercury Glass Project

The directions from Pinterest said spritz a glass object with water then spray with looking glass spray.  What we found after doing just that was a product that was not all that attractive.  So we first cleaned the glass with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.  The jury is still out on if that truly helped.

1.  This was our first attempt, we simply followed the direction posted on Pinterest.  We spritzed the glass with water then sprayed it with Krylon Looking Glass Spray.   Not sure that we truly 'Nailed IT!' so we went back to the drawing board.
2. Second go round ... we cleaned the glass with rubbing alcohol.  We then decided to try 2 coats.  We first shot it with a lite coat of looking glass spray, we then spritzed it with water and followed that up with another coat of looking glass spray.  Still not sure we 'Nailed IT!' ~ we will let you be the judge of that.
These are our 2 finished projects.  I'm not convinced either of these can be passed off as Mercury Glass but it was sure fun trying.  I will say they look much better in person than in these photos.  They will be on display in the store.  You can also find the original Pinterest post on my LJS Pinterest Party Board, just follow the link above to start following me.
This project was one of our activities at our Spring Retreat.

Please let us know if you try a different combination and how it turned out.


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