Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paper Ornament ....

This is a super cute Paper Ornament Idea that is easy to make with your kids. It takes just a couple of supplies and in a matter of minutes you have paper ornament bulbs for your tree.

You will need 2 beads, craft wire and scrap cardstock.

You will cut your cardstock 7 pieces 1/2" x 9" or 14 pieces 1/4" x 9".
Mark each piece in the center and 1/4" in on each end. Punch a hole in each of the pieces on the 3 marks.

Cut your wire piece about 9" and twist one bead to the end.

Start by stringing your paper pretty side down through the center hole on to the wire.

Once that is done .... start with the bottom piece on one end and string through the wire until you reach the top piece on that side. You will then switch to the next side stringing each piece starting with the bottom piece.

Once you are done ... string your second bead on and tie it off and you will have a simply beautiful ornament for your tree.

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