Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crafty Scrappy Tips

Cindy is our Designer of the Week and she would like to share some Creative ~ Crafty Scrappy Tips......

· If your ribbons get a wrinkle in them – pull them through the tongs of a hot curling iron to smooth them out and make them pretty as can be for your crafty projects.

· It's nice to have a notebook with images from all of the stamps in your collection. Use a book style that fits you best. I keep a notebook like this in a loose leaf binder with dividers to separate the different sections. By using a loose-leaf binder you can easily keep things organized as your collection expands, because pages can be easily rearranged and new categories added to the notebook as your collection grows. Instead of a large binder (or maybe in addition to one) you may prefer a small notebook or journal so that you can take it with you when you’re shopping for new stamps and you can verify whether you have a particular stamp.

· Do you ever get glitter everywhere when you use it? Scotch tape works well for removing glitter from stamps and ink pads or even your table space.

· Use a blank-pages journal to collect card design recipes or scrapbook layout ideas. On each page include a sketch of the design and a picture of a project created using the design. If you find it helpful also add notes on measurements, techniques, and additional information you want to remember the next time you’re inspired to re-create from your design recipe. If you get stuck for an idea, simply pull out your recipe book and flip through until you find something that moves your muse!

Watch for her Pic and Bio later this week....
Happy Scrap'n

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