Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Scrap'n Tip

Have you been wondering how to make your own Glimmer Mist ....
We thought we would share with you the recipe~

Supplies: Spray Bottle, Distress Ink Re-Inker, Perfect Pearls / A Powdered Pigment Product and Water.

Here is how it works .... add a pinch or scoop of Perfect Pearls / Pigment Powder to your spray bottle. The amount you add will depend on how much sparkle you want in your spray. Perfect Pearls is made with a binder so your sparkle will stay and not rub off. If you use another type of pigment powder you will want to add some hairspray to help make a binder. Next add several drops of ink to create the color you desire. You will want to add some water, make sure not to over fill your bottle. Shake your mist from side to side and enjoy new creation.

~~ A New Contest Begins With This Tip~~ Enter the contest by showing us what you have made with one of the weekly tips. Your entery is due by Nov. 1st.

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